Privacy Policy

The following document's outline's policy towards our member's personal information. We recognize that this issue is very important to our members, and we assure to do everything possible to help protect you and your privacy as a member of our service.

1. Policy Toward Minors: does not allow minors under 18 years of age admission or access of our website under any conditions. Minors of this age should not provide information to us, or log onto our website.

2. Information Collected by Basic registration for is at no cost. At this phase of the registration, you will be asked for certain information, including your age, gender, and the kind of relationship you are looking for. We collect the address and credit card information ONLY from those who wish to purchase our upper levels of member privileges. NONE of this personal information is accessible or used by the public in order to identify you.

Like similar websites, we automatically gather specific information, for example your email address and IP address. However, if you wish to post or display additional information within our personal forums, messaging areas or chat rooms, we guarantee you that we will only display the information you request for us to reveal.

In the event that another user notifies us of you postings or activities on our site, we will gather that information into a secured file. This file can only be accessed by authorized employees in our comments and/or security departments. We also keep on file any letters or emails you send to us, in order to maintain records of the history of your account.

If you wish to refer a friend to our services, you can do so by using our referral service. We will ask for their name and email address, in order to be able to send them an email offering membership to our service. At your friend's request, this information can be removed from our records. We promise to never provide their information to anyone, nor will the public have access to it, in or out of the community of members.

3. How We Use Your Information: All of your information is for internal use, meaning, within the website. We sometimes use personal better our marketing efforts as well as the content of our product. We do this to help make our site enhanced for our current members as well as our prospective members.

We may also use your information to provide you with specialized information targeted to your specific interest, such as promotions or banner ads. We may also send information and updates periodically concerning your particular interests and information via email.

We also use your information to screen and help resolve disputes, fix problems, and implement the Terms of Service agreement.

4. Disclosure of Personal Information: does not sell or release any of our member's personal information to any third party without their consent. We do not disclose ANY information that can be used to identify you personally, such as your password, credit card information, or bank account number to ANY third parties. We may use personal information to determine demographic collective for marketing and promotional purposes, but we will never disclose personal information that can be used to identify you individually.

We do however, reserve the right to reveal your personal information as mandated by law or any extraordinary circumstances in which a law enforcement agency asks for your personal information. We will do this only when we feel it is absolutely necessary in order to protect our rights or comply with a court order or judicial proceedings.

We utilize a credit card processing company in order to bill you for our premium services. This company does not maintain record or share your personal information with anyone.

5. Your Use of Other Member's Information: By using our site, you pledge and agree not to use another member's information for any kind of commercial purpose, spamming, harassment or any kind of threatening dealings. will cease the subscriptions of those who abuse another member's information or in any kind of way violate the Terms of Service agreement.

6. Use and Control of Your Password: We strongly recommend you not to disclose your password to anyone, as it permits third parties to gain access to your personal identifiable information. Should anyone gain access to your password, or if compromised in any way, do not hesitate to change your password.

7. Changing Your Personal Information: After registering, you can review and make changes to your personal information on the website. Examples of information that you can are your email address; your city, state, zip code and country; your password and your profile.

You can change all of these things by simply logging into your account and following the instructions provided. strongly recommends and urges you to change your password regularly to prevent unauthorized access to your account.

You can make a request through our Customer Service and we can remove your credit card number and information from our databases. In certain cases, we will maintain certain credit card information in case of the need to resolve disputes, comply with the Credit Crad Merchant Banking and Association Agreements, enhance security, comply with state and federal laws, and to enforce the Terms of Service Agreement.

8. Third Party Collection of Information: Our policy on non-disclosure only covers information we obtain from you or you present to us. Information that you supply to third parties through or on our website is external from the realm of our disclosure agreement. We urge you to be cautious about submitting any type of personal information. While is effective in trying hard to establish the highest levels of member privacy, nonetheless we persuade you to be careful as well. From time to time use third-party advertising to post our advertisements. These sites accumulate cookies and action tags (as many sites do) to assess their own effectiveness and establish advertising demographics. You can get more information about these types of sites HERE.

9. Security: has established extremely high guarded security measures to prevent the loss or misuse of all of the information under our control. We use firewalls, and other industrial internet standard security measures to guard your private information. Although there is no such thing as foolproof security, we can guarantee we will try our utmost hardest to guard you and your information.

10. Updating or Deleting Your Information: You can update or delete your member information by either sending an email to our Customer Service or logging in with your password and modifying or deleting your profile manually.